Hey, I'm Rory. 

I've been hands-on as a pro designer for over 20 years now. Web design and development is my key focus, but I'm a well rounded creative thinker who can navigate a lot of mediums and even do a bit of marketing consulting too.

I'm employed as the Web Marketing Manager at the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

I like a good strong bourbon, riding bicycles, and drawing nerdy stuff.


  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Composer & Node Package Manager
  • Concrete5 Content Management System 
  • MVC Frameworks in general but mainly as pertains to CMS
  • AWS EC2
  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • Best practices for foundational SEO
  • Best practices for ADA/508 Compliance
  • Many REST and SOAP APIs
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Responsive Web Design


  • Basic Video Editing
  • Handbrake
  • Knowledge of video format and scale for web applications.
  • Vimeo / YouTube Platform Expertise

Graphic Design

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign

User Experience, Wireframing, and Prototyping

  • Hand drawn UX/UI sketches
  • Storyboarding and Strategy
  • Low Fidilety Mock-ups & Wireframes
  • High Resolution Proofs & Prototypes
  • Balsamiq Mock-ups
  • Adobe XD
  • "Atomic" style Design System development
  • Metrics analysis for driving ideation, iteration, and evolution.
  • "Post Mortem" (Post Launch) analysis and a/b testing.


  • Windows
  • Ubuntu Linux (Command Line proficient)
  • Mac OS (If I have to... )


  • Google Apps Suite
  • MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Etc.)
  • PDF / Acrobat Pro

Analog and Soft Skills

  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Storyboard
  • Presentations and Pitches to Stakeholders

Team Management

  • JIRA / Agile Design and Development
  • Creative Briefs
  • Mentoring
  • Project Management 
  • Some Quickbooks and Freshbooks
  • Zendesk and Freshdesk Support Platforms
  • Slack
  • Bitbucket, Sourcetree and GIT versioning
  • Vid-Con, Webex and Zoom
  • Establishing and maintaining branding as the foundations all creative efforts are build upon.
  • CX/UX/UI and Branding should blend seamlessly for cohesive patterns and design systems whenever possible.
  • Keep the checkered flag in view at all times. Hit the milestones and respect the deadlines.
  • Never art for art's sake. Usability, functionality and accessibility pave the path to overall success.
  • Utilize data and metrics to find direction. Tap into emotion to find solutions.
  • Look beyond the obvious places for inspiration.
  • Understand others, challenge directly, and react compassionately. 

2010 - 2020

Wild Apple Design Group

Creative Director

For a decade I worked as a hands-on Creative Director for Wild Apple. Working in concert with Business Development, Operations, and various creative staff on mostly Brand, Web, and Print projects. It was a HIGHLY demanding job both mentally and physically. While I was taking creative lead on every project and delivering on the bulk of web based work myself, I would be managing all the other various aspects and extended staff. We pushed hard. REALLY hard. And we won a bunch of awards as a result and our clients were always thrilled at the output and capabilities of our small but scrappy agency. We even launched a SaaS responsive website builder platform for k-12 schools that was quite the adventure and seriously an intimidating thing to take on. I will forever appreciate the team at Wild Apple and all I learned in my time there.

2008 - 2010

Spatial Anomaly LLC / Freelance

Art Director / Visual Designer

For a few years I contracted and freelanced as Spatial Anomaly LLC. I used this time to really expand my knowledge and skills from clients like MassMutual to web design work for an agency specializing in Car Wash websites and email marketing. I dipped my toe in a lot of different markets in this time but the standout was creative lead on the redesign of a Bank's website which was to follow a new marketing direction they were taking. Significant challenges arose there with appeasing strict compliance guidelines. The work was greatly received however and the bank went on to outperform much larger competitors.

2002 - 2008

H-Corp DesignWorks

Web Designer / Graphic Designer / IT Manager

This mutli-faceted role was like 80% creative service and 20% IT management. Very much a role that I was well suited for being a tech geek as well as a creative. I designed, built, and maintained all 3 major ecommerce sites as well as the email marketing. For this particular market which was dance garments of all different kinds, we were one of the first to bring these types of sales channels to the market and it exploded sales growth as a result. My designer skills were utilized also on support of photo shoots, retouching photos, illustration, and layout design on printed catalogs. I was never bored in this job as there was always a hundred different tasks to juggle and as an early career experience I could not be more grateful for the lessons in organization, business practices, and planning that go hand-in-hand with my later successes in my career. 

1999 - 2002

Audio Video Design

GUI Designer / Web Designer

This company installed super high end control systems, smart homes, home theaters, and so on. Really amazing technology and I was tasked with the design of UI elements on the touchscreens that controlled these systems. This really predated touchscreens as we know them today and there were not really ample resources and studies done for usability. I was creating complete design systems for patterns that were relatively a new concept. I was incredibly lucky to get this job early on because it really played well with my own tech-geek sensibilities and taught me a ton of hard lessons on usability and user-centric design. I also designed and built the hell out of some Flash based websites. Remember Flash? How quickly the web moves... The image attached here is bits and pieces of what I could still find. Much of the original assets from this time are 20+ years gone.