BHN Works

BHN Inc. is a large mental health organization based in Massachusetts. They are a major employer in their region and were utilizing a web app through a popular employment service as most enterprise size companies do to handle job postings. The web app did a very good job of listing openings and collecting applications from interested parties but it was not doing a good job conveying BHN's mission and culture.

The Challenge and Pain Points

  • Design and build a responsive and performant web presence that...
  • Integrates / partners well as an interim step to the full employment portal web app.
  • Conveys mission, touch points on company culture with opportunities to have current employees give testimony.
  • Attract higher quality applicants by portraying a company that not only cares about their staff but also their clients and patients.
  • Features / highlights a currated selection of high-need positions.


This client had been working with a PR specialist and had a wealth of data and information to build and plan upon based on their past employment and communications issues. 

Starting with the sitemap to the wireframe and all visual design was done in a live coded prototype. The reason I took this approach is partly because I had a very short runway to deliver the final product, no budget for deeper discovery or wireframe processes and maybe it is unusual but I'd done extensive work for BHN and I had their confidence for the most part. Additionally their PR team had done a stellar job with researching and providing content I could use to direct the UX and Visual Design. It isn't ideal always to take that direction but scope and budget really are the final rule here and this approach fit both of those important things.

The overall structure would be to re-inforce existing brand guidelines throughout the UI. The user journey map would be to hit visitors with quick "bites" of happy employees in the splash / hero image area followed by action buttons to quickly shuttle users into job searches on the web app.

The next steps in the hiearchy were pieces to integrate BHN's mission, allowing potential employees to learn more about BHN, see testimony and feel that this is a caring company and a good place to build a career.

Highlighted Jobs Design System, UI Kit and Frameworks

This project utilized my own UI Kit and Design Library, Bicycle UI which is class based component centric system similar and inspired by Bootstrap but more full integrated into the CMS theming system allowing for rapid prototyping and branding of elements. I tapped into the power of FontAwesome for iconography as well, it was already being used in other BHN properties and also on the web app itself this site acted as a middle-man for. It's a solid library for applications like this.

I developed this highlighted jobs system that allowed them to pick special jobs in high need to place out front and center on the home page. These linked users through to a structured landing page with job details, contacts and calls to action for applicants.

Their Story, In Highlights...

A specialized landing page was developed that features employee stories with a combination of written testimonial and videos to encourage further conversion to applications. 

Warm touch points to provide a human feel to an otherwise mostly automated process of applying to jobs online was the approach here.

The Take-Away

I had never built an employee portal site like this before so there was a lot of new things. It was a challenge to integrate some marketing know-how woven with functionality of job postings. I learned quite a bit from the PR copywriting team and touch points they provided that reinforcing an image and user journey to help potential applicants understand what it is like to work at BHN was just as important as the actual application tools that were on their dedicated web app itself. You have to put on a face of quality and care to get employees of the same caliber. I was able to identify where their web app fell short in those types of features and build this middle-man site on what was missing.


I honestly can't say I am or have been in constant touch with the HR departments of BHN but I can say that this site has been live and continues to be improved incrementally over time with social justice stances and more. I know it has been an invaluable tool for them in finding new key and quality employees in an organization this large where turnover is quite a problem. Completion of this job also helped lead my former agency employer to more and more work including the full corporate site of BHN inc. which was a major undertaking.