FloDesign Sonics

FloDesign Sonics is a biopharm engineering company who hired me (through my former agency employer) to develop branding and website properties to promote their acoustic cell seperation technology.  This process allows for a higher yield of usable cells for various cell therapy applications.

This work included:

  • Full branding development.
  • Multiple agile project phases as their tech went from concept to a physical machine.
  • Usability design for visitors but also for CMS interfaces as they self-managed some aspects of the site.
  • Ongoing rapid response to their marketing efforts as they evolved.
  • Post-sale support.

Brand Development

Being able to develop the branding is a special treat on jobs like this because I believe very strongly in a cohesive user experience where brand is represented throughout and woven tightly to user interface.

I took a few stabs at some concepts with rough sketches before landing on this final idea. The final logo kit represents their acoustic filtering process, with the sonic wave separating the two different weighted fonts. Since their logo would be appearing in many different mediums it was important to create a full suite as you see here.


Live Style Guide

The branding work also included a live style guide that I built "behind the scenes" on their website. This adaptable and easily shareable style guide allowed FloDesign to quickly assemble interior collateral pieces as well as share with media outlets for their conference and industry news appearances. 

This work included:

  • Downloadable assets of all logos in all file formats.
  • Color palettes in Pantone, CMYK, RBG and HEX.
  • Do and do-not rule-sets.
  • Typography and font usages.


Style Guide

Phase 1

The earliest versions of the site experience and visual design were really based on my trying to make the most out of highlighting their impressive team. They had the technology but no physical "device" yet and so everything was focused on the  concept for investor interest. It was a challenge to make it look cool and exciting with a minimal of assets available and re-using a lot of what they had from their past business ventures.

Videos were a keystone element and featured short interviews with each of their major team members. So a lot of focus was put on how visitors would browse the team and popping up videos in a seamless fluid way. 

This sample here is a range of proofs that came about after a fairly short discovery phase and wireframes on phase 1 of the website.

Phase 2

Once they introduced a "machine" that encompassed their technology, things began to shift a lot in their focus and content. This sample of proofs here was done after a round of discovery and wireframe as we prepared for them to introduce a new machine. 

With this new machine came multitudes of white papers, specs and other stuff that honestly was WAY over my head. I spent a lot of time digesting what I could of the content and plotting out ways to render it in digestable chunks.


The website content itself wasn't overly deep in terms of children pages however the data could be quite overwhelming with charts and measurements. I set out to break things into bit-size chunks on all 3 major landing pages I identified in wireframing as Products, Technology and Solutions. 

Lead generation was a big factor in all phases. I designed a ever-present contact form that could pop up from any contact call to action site-wide.

For navigational structures like the header I had isolated the major landing pages with icon-maked items that would remain consistant throughout the site and in multiple header states. I also developed a more simplified sticky header that would make navigation easy for when a user was scrolled down quite far on any of the deeper pages with lots of content.



It was through clever use of videos, textures and some SVG animation that I was ultimately able to provide a really cool experience for visitors to get a tour of the technologies and the machine itself. This involved careful crafting of interior landing pages that could render complex scientific data as well as some "softer" more marketing level stuff for anyone who is not a walking talking scientific super genius. This technology is just super cool and serving both sides of very technical info as well as marketing angle pitches was quite a challenge.

When the Ekko machine was introduced, FloDesign began working with an expert biopharm consultant on grooming this whole thing to be sold. This required very fast response on changes and updates to the site. My approach with design is always as modular as possible which made keeping pace with rapid agile changes very easy.

The Take-Away

I've always been fairly skilled at making something from nothing but this project definitely pushed my limits. Working with minimal assets and the pressure of the hopes and dreams of many skilled engineers trying to make their technology real. They relied heavily on my input and my ability to interpret some very science-geek stuff into a usable and functional web presence. I also learned quite a lot about how companies like these compete in the biopharm market, which is aggressive and very fast paced. 



FloDesign's goal was to sell this technology to a larger Biopharm company and the website was a crucial tool in this process helping to describe their amazing team, vision and goals. In 2019 they met this goal, selling to Merck a publically traded company with a net worth of over $217 billion. Merck being very impressed with the usability of the website has continued to utilize it for their continued marketing efforts of this technology.

Wild Apple Design Group exceeded expectations in translating our vision into reality. They kept us on schedule despite a tight deadline. They were quick to adapt to our changing needs, managing several iterations, and was always available for quick discussions. It was a pleasure working with the entire team, I strongly recommend them for any project.

Richard Ferraro
FloDesign Consultant / Advisor during sale phase to Merck
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